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  • Yes Minister

    Being a citizen of the world and having lived in over 5 countries, I’m amazed at how we seem to forget recent world events. The British Sitcom “Yes Minister”  and its follow on “Yes Prime Minister”, with its witty, biting English humor was iconic in the way it dealt wth the process of politics and government. From dealing wit...

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  • Channel Letters – Make A Bold Impression

    Channel Letters are very popular and they make a bold impression.  They’re beautiful to look at, are highly visible both day and night, are energy efficient, and allow for some wonderfully creative 3D designs. They are found on building exteriors, as well as inside many high-end malls. The bottom line is that Channel Letter signs are an excellent choice...

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  • Small Demonstrations of Wider Misery in Russia

    When it comes to protests, size does matter. Nationwide demonstrations against government corruption took place across Russia on Sunday, organized by opposition leader Alexei Navalny to coincide with the 17th anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s initial election to the presidency. And as expected, estimates of the turnout vary widely. The Kremlin claims ...

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  • Smart Factories: The Next Industrial Revolution

    Over the past 25 years, the Internet has radically altered the way people communicate and share ideas and the way businesses interact with customers and clients. For an even longer period, starting in the 1950s with the so-called Third Industrial Revolution, businesses have become more digitized. In the next few decades, a new industrial revolution will...

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  • 6 Great Sales Reminders

    Today the terms Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) is being replaced with the term Human to Human (H2H).  This change is occurring do the realization that our interactions on every level must treat everyone as a human being. This begins and ends throughout every interaction with our client.  It is the lifeblood or any organization....

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