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  • 7 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail

    Salespeople are the ambassadors, the face of your enterprise. Their ability determines the impression of your company. When they fail, it reflects poorly on both your company and brand and impacts the financial performance of the company. To help in understanding when salespeople fail and how to be on the lookout in order for us to correct the situation, w...

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    A friend of mine recently asked if we could look over a P&L of a business that he was interested in.  After a quick review, we discussed the issues the business surrounding the business – one of them was the expenses.  The owner of this business had made some bad decisions which mean that the expenses were higher than they should be.  This led to a...

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  • Hiring Great Sales People

    Recently we have had to deal with our clients on this issue of hiring sales personnel.  It often feels like a hit or miss operation, with our clients getting the raw deal. How can we improve this so that our clients increase the ability to hire the right people first time.  Unfortunately there are hurdles:  Healthcare and benefits is a major one, which...

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