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  • Smart Factories: The Next Industrial Revolution

    Over the past 25 years, the Internet has radically altered the way people communicate and share ideas and the way businesses interact with customers and clients. For an even longer period, starting in the 1950s with the so-called Third Industrial Revolution, businesses have become more digitized. In the next few decades, a new industrial revolution will...

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  • 6 Great Sales Reminders

    Today the terms Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) is being replaced with the term Human to Human (H2H).  This change is occurring do the realization that our interactions on every level must treat everyone as a human being. This begins and ends throughout every interaction with our client.  It is the lifeblood or any organization....

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  • A Storm Is Brewing Over Europe

    Dark clouds over the Reichstag building in Berlin may be a sign of things to come. (JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images) Article Courtesy of Stratfor By Adriano Bosoni Storm clouds are once again gathering above the eurozone. In coming months, its continuity will be threatened by events in Europe and the United States. Germany, the largest ...

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  • What Lies in Store for the World in 2017?

    Many have stated that they’re glad to see the end of 2016.  A year in their view of harboring so many tragedies.  Others feel it heralds a whole new era of Hope.  Regardless of our views, we thought it was a good opportunity to share a recent article from the BBC on one journalists view 2017.   What lies in store for the world in 2017? By:...

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