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  • Back to Basics: Signage

    Back to Basics: Signage Signs are so widespread we hardly notice them. That is until we’re looking for one and then we only note that in passing. We don’t realize their effect on us, which is one reason why they’re so effective. However, it is precisely because they are so commonplace that many merchants take them for granted. Obviously, most small busi...

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  • Globalism in the Eyes of Two Beholders

    The world over, the topic of globalism rarely fails to elicit a strongly held opinion. At its extreme in Europe, the march of globalization is accepted as a near-inevitability: In that view, it is no longer merely a path that should be taken, but the inexorable destination of humanity. As such, there is little room for assessing, much less underst...

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  • 7 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail

    Salespeople are the ambassadors, the face of your enterprise. Their ability determines the impression of your company. When they fail, it reflects poorly on both your company and brand and impacts the financial performance of the company. To help in understanding when salespeople fail and how to be on the lookout in order for us to correct the situation, w...

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