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  • WOW Your Customers In 2016

    It’s a New Year. So to help we thought long and hard about one item, one key thing, which if you focused on for this New Year, would guarantee improvement to your business. WOW your Customers! Take the time to think of new ways that you can wow your customers this Year. Take the time to have a real, sit-down discussion with your entire team. Think about...

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  • The Psychology of Colors, Fonts & Shape in Logo Design

    Great Article – Reposted courtesy of HubSpot Written by Jami Oetting | @jamioetting A logo is the strongest symbol of a brand. It’s what consumers stop at when scanning the shelves, trying to choose between 20 seemingly similar products. These signs and symbols helps people to make decisions faster, and it helps people to feel like they...

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  • The Immigration Crisis Could Reignite the Balkan Powder Keg

    Two notable developments occurred Nov. 11 related to Europe’s migrant crisis, notable not so much for what they directly achieved but for their potential effects. Both events concerned the migration route that passes across the eastern Mediterranean and up through the Balkans, which has been largely responsible for the massive uptick in immigrant nu...

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  • Considering Germany Without Merkel

    A lack of coordination among German officials is chipping away at the popular perception of the Berlin government as a well-oiled machine. In the latest example of internal discord, a government spokesperson said Thursday that Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere had decided to reintroduce EU regulations on asylum seekers without first informing the countr...

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  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

    Motorists see them everyday: stop signs, interstate signs, yield signs, and the like. For good reason: directional signs help motorists help their way quickly and safely. Driving without signs is risky business: a busy intersection without a stop sign can mean trouble. Signs are important and so too are DOT signs. Let’s explore the three main types ...

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