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  • South Asia: A Bump in the Belt and Road

    Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a four-part series exploring the underlying motivations behind China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative and the challenges that it will face. As part of its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, China is looking to build new inroads into South Asia. The region is rife with oppo...

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  • China Paves the Way for a New Silk Road

    The Silk Road has become the stuff of legend. For centuries, the web of trade routes, which expanded to traverse Central Asia and the Mediterranean Sea, connected China to the European Continent, facilitating commerce and cultural exchange. But beyond the economic opportunity that the Silk Road afforded China, it also served a strategic purpose. The Han...

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  • 2nd Quarter Forecast Courtesy of Stratfor.com

    The administration of Donald Trump has said it would “level the playing field” of the global economy. To that end, the United States will pursue bilateral talks with its trade partners in hopes of more effectively asserting its interests. These efforts could include any number of measures, from creating the regulatory conditions needed to encou...

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  • For Greece and Its Creditors, the Clock Is Ticking

    For Greece and its creditors, time is slipping away. Both sides have strong incentive to wrap up a review of the country’s third bailout program by March. But despite the sense of urgency, a recent meeting between their representatives ended without a deal. Greek farmers protesting tax increases use their tractors to block a border ...

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  • Another Bump on Russia’s Road to Reconciliation

    Russia’s grand plans to change its relationship with the West this year have hit quite a few snags so far. At the start of the year, Moscow looked poised to divide the Western front against it by widening divisions within Europe while also cozying up to the new and seemingly friendlier presidential administration in the United States. But Russia&#...

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