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  • Who Will Exit the EU Next?

    Like all political constructions, the European Union should be considered a momentary entity in the vast expanse of history. By Adriano Bosoni   The European Union’s future has been up for debate since the Continent’s economic crisis began nearly a decade ago. But questions about the bloc’s path have multiplied in recent years as Gre...

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  • Deutsche Bank Reckons With a New Reality

    Deutsche Bank Reckons With a New Reality Geopolitical Diary Deutsche Bank’s share prices have been steadily falling over the past several years, but the latest drop has set off alarm bells. Germany’s banks have had a tough week. Deutsche Bank, the country’s largest lender, saw its share price drop sharply on Monday ...

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  • Europe, Unhappily Ever After

    Slovenia’s medieval castles, dramatic scenery and dragon folklore are the stuff of fairytales, but sober-minded Slovenians know that their country should not hold its collective breath for a “happily ever after” in such a fluid corner of the Continent. By Reva Goujon The scene at Bratislava Castle last week was a fami...

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