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Archive for month: July, 2017

  • Hiring Great Sales People

    Recently we have had to deal with our clients on this issue of hiring sales personnel.  It often feels like a hit or miss operation, with our clients getting the raw deal. How can we improve this so that our clients increase the ability to hire the right people first time.  Unfortunately there are hurdles:  Healthcare and benefits is a major one, which...

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  • Roles and Responsibilities of BOD

    We’re often asked by our clients to either improve their board of directors (BOD) or to aid in establishing a BOD. In 2016 we wrote a piece on the role of the BOD, however we feel its a good time to refresh everyone on what the roles and responsibilities of the directors and boards – both for profit and not-for profit organizations. Purpose of BOD The b...

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  • Interview Strategies

    Interviewing candidates is not easy.  For most companies, they don’t have a professional HR department or Interview expert. So, we thought it would be good to investigate some proven strategies. One of those is called the SWAN formula, named after John Swan, an executive recruiter. These letters also stand for Smart, Works hard, Ambitious, and Nice. &nbs...

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