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Archive for month: September, 2018

  • Grow Your Earning Potential

    Grow Your Earning Potential: Year-Round Side Gigs for Current and Future Educators By Lucy Reed As a teacher or recent recipient of an education degree, you know all too well the difference you make in the lives of each student you come in contact with. Teaching is your passion, but it is also your job. But like most people, you’ve got to find a way to pa...

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  • Computer Tax Deduction: Tax Breaks for New Computers

    Tax Reform Has Made New PCs an Even Smarter Investment. What are you Waiting for?   Deduct 100% of new equipment costs up to $1M1 No need to keep detailed records of how your PCs are used Higher cap for deducting PC costs in a single year instead of over time   This article is reposted courtesy of Intel.   With new tax laws in p...

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