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A Viable solution to handling the worlds growing waste problem.

A Viable solution to handling the worlds growing waste problem.

By Graham Mew

Will you join us in taking a stand and creating an opportunity to create positive change for the future of our planet.

For many years I have personally been shocked at the growing disaster in our environment. Having lived and worked in over 6 countries I have seen the good and bad of how we humans have dealt with the environment. 

For over three years now I have worked with my co-founder Kristy Skadow to investigate, test, confirm, and analyze ways of how we need to deal with one aspect of our environment – Trash. Yes trash, as inglorious as it is, trash is a major factor that we humans ignore every time we put our trash into the waste bin. 

The statistics are appalling. So, to this end, Kristy and I formed a new company – G&K Associates Inc. here in the USA. Our goal is simple, find solutions that truly help to tackle this global problem efficiently, with the least possible environmental impact (nothing we humans do has zero environmental impact) and that will make a net profit. 

Utilizing out trash as a fuel source to create energy is known as EfW – Energy from Waste.

EfW is a proven technology, but we waste money and energy by building large plants in remote locations. By focusing on smaller, more efficient plants, that are closer to populated areas, we have a model that will do great things for the planet and make lots of money by solving several important problems in the EfW industry.

These Energy from Waste (EfW) plants are small, scalable and allows communities to have zero landfill, while creating energy. It is green technology. It safely removes a growing toxic problem and creates clean energy with desired side products that are also sellable.

We also wanted to create a company that future generations want to work for as we clean up the world.

Our website is http://g-k-co.com

For those of you interested we are looking for investors as we do need to raise the initial money to build the first couple of plants. Our investment strategy is a staged one, backed up by a lot of collateral, and is thus amenable to participation by Angels, VC, and institutional investors.

We’re also looking for advocates and other municipalities and industry leaders that want to get involved. To date we already have demands here in the USA, as well as internationally including Australia, India, Colombia the Caribbean and beyond. Our business plan and investment details are available. Simply call me at 828 3881767, or email graham@asgstrategies.com.

Step one is to raise the initial funds to build the first plant here in the USA. 

Together we can positively impact the world. Will you join us?

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