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  • Who Will Exit the EU Next?

    Like all political constructions, the European Union should be considered a momentary entity in the vast expanse of history. By Adriano Bosoni   The European Union’s future has been up for debate since the Continent’s economic crisis began nearly a decade ago. But questions about the bloc’s path have multiplied in recent years as Gre...

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  • Deutsche Bank Reckons With a New Reality

    Deutsche Bank Reckons With a New Reality Geopolitical Diary Deutsche Bank’s share prices have been steadily falling over the past several years, but the latest drop has set off alarm bells. Germany’s banks have had a tough week. Deutsche Bank, the country’s largest lender, saw its share price drop sharply on Monday ...

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  • Succession Planning and Why You Need One

    Succession planning is not an issue that many organizations address in any systematic way. Organizations facing daily challenges ensure that thinking about who the next executive director might be or what would happen if the director of finance suddenly left is not high on their priority list. There are many reasons why organizations need to be thinking ab...

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  • Stratfors’ 2016 3rd Quarter Forecast

    August 2016, has already seen a year of dramatic events.  In June there were over 18 events that rocked the world including the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (BREXIT).  We thought it would be of use to everyone to see what the analysts are expecting to happen in the next few months, as we are in a Global economy and these situations aff...

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  • Business Risks:  Do you know yours?

    Business Risks: Do you know yours?

    Businesses face all kinds of risks, some of which can cause serious loss of profits or even bankruptcy. But while all large companies have extensive “risk management” departments, smaller businesses tend not to look at the issue in such a systematic way. Risk means that there is a chance that you won’t receive a return on your investment. It i...

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