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  • Year End Checklist for your Business

    What do we think of when we think of fiscal year end? Taxes! What else? That’s why for businesses, year-end is the perfect time to do your business planning for the following year. You’re already dealing with the books so why not do some analysis and make some decisions to ensure that your business prospers over the coming year? This year end ...

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  • Focus on Value, Not Price

    Have you ever considered lowering your prices in order to increase sales or remain competitive? We deal with this question with our customers on a daily basis, and work to ensure that our clients don’t fall into a ‘commodity’. Alternatively we see clients putting pricing up and losing business that they cannot afford to lose. The trouble is that the an...

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  • Obstacles That Kill Businesses

    Every business runs into obstacles.  The list at times can feel like its endless.  The key, is not that they will occur, but in how they deal with them, and what they do to overcome. It is this that will determine whether you trip and fall, or overcome them unscathed. To help you, we have put together proven strategies that will help you tackle them succ...

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  • Time Management That Works!

    Have you ever felt that every day feels like a Monday? Yet no matter what tip or trick you’ve learnt, it doesn’t seem to work?  Why? It’s simple – they don’t work! Before you can even begin to manage time, you must learn what time is. A dictionary defines time as “the point or period at which things occur.” Put simply, time is w...

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  • Turning Customer Service Into a Powerful Sales Tool

    It may be a great soundbite, but what does “Turning Customer Service Into a Powerful Sales Tool” actually mean? Most people think customer service is something that happens after the sale is made. Or that customer service is a department people call when they have a problem. However, WE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND intuitively that customer service is something t...

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