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  • The EU and the U.K. Reach a New Brexit Deal. What’s Next?

    Article Courtesy of Stratfor The Big Picture After weeks of negotiations, the European Union and the United Kingdom have reached a deal for an orderly Brexit, but the agreement includes some provisions (particularly over the Irish border) that many British lawmakers will find hard to digest. Attention will now turn to the House of Commons, which wil...

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  • Dealing with Major Data Loss: A Guide for Small Business Owners

    By Lucy Reed So, it appears your business has suffered a major data loss. Maybe you or one of your employees accidentally deleted something important. Or, maybe you’ve been hit with malware or some other type of hack. Perhaps it’s an equipment failure. Whatever the reason, you may be in panic mode. Here’s what you need to do to recover. First Off, Don’...

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  • Top 6 Marketing Techniques for Your Home-Based Business

    You already know that starting your business can increase your freedom, maximize your personal growth and provide you with a set of other benefits. The only question is: How are you going to find clients? Here are a few techniques that can help you get your first client.  Get a website Even if you aren’t selling anything directly online, having an onli...

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  • Grow Your Earning Potential

    Grow Your Earning Potential: Year-Round Side Gigs for Current and Future Educators By Lucy Reed As a teacher or recent recipient of an education degree, you know all too well the difference you make in the lives of each student you come in contact with. Teaching is your passion, but it is also your job. But like most people, you’ve got to find a way to pa...

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