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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

DOT1Motorists see them everyday: stop signs, interstate signs, yield signs, and the like. For good reason: directional signs help motorists help their way quickly and safely. Driving without signs is risky business: a busy intersection without a stop sign can mean trouble.

Signs are important and so too are DOT signs. Let’s explore the three main types of DOT signage, and understand what makes a great DOT sign, and what doesn’t. Along with the benefits that DOT signs can bring to your business.
So what are the benefits of DOT signs to and how can participating businesses benefit from them?

Key Benefits

  • Make participating business’s display more credible and trusted as a marketing tool since the sign is state-sponsored.
  • Enable participating businesses to advertise in a cost-effective way.
  • Give participating businesses the opportunity to advertise to travelers or customers who live outside the area.
  • Provide precise directions to participating businesses.

Below is a brief description of three main types of DOT signs we’re dealing with:

Logo Signs

Logo signs are official highway signs with the individual business’s name, symbol, or trademark attached to a pane on the sign. Businesses that qualify provide services for gas, food, lodging, camping, and attractions.

Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS)
TODS are different from Logo Signs. TODS Signs are intended for installation in rural areas at intersections and are not allowed on freeways, interchanges, or on ramps. Qualifying businesses for this program are campgrounds, boat rentals, bed and breakfasts, and other “tourist-oriented” businesses.

Agricultural Tourism Signs

Agricultural Tourism signs can be used by any agricultural tourism business, but because of the high cost, are typically used by vineyards and wineries. These signs are found along both major highways and rural roads, and often appear at intersections to offer directions.

Working with a qualified and approved DOT sign shop is critical to your success.  The right sign company can work with you  and guid you through the process to obtain the correct DOT sign you need.  They will also show you how it can help put your business on the map to success.


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