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Social Media Update: The Death of Organic Reach

Social Media Update: The Death of Organic Reach

Social Media has impacted our lives in ways everyone is still trying to understand.  Marketers are grappling how to best use the tools, yet algorithms, providers, users and our society as a whole is moving at a pace which consistently has left marketers in the dark or with proverbial ‘egg on their face’.

Predictions are rife as to what is next.  However we can take a look at some interesting developments.  One of these is one of the changes Facebook made to its platform and the reasoning behind it.

In the interest of tweaking a user’s Facebook feed, the platform has made it nigh impossible to organically reach your users. Research has shown that a page with 500,000 likes could have an organic reach as low as 2%.

Facebook’s official stance is that people are producing too much content and they have to be extremely picky with what they place at the top of a user’s feed to ensure it’s most relevant to them.

These days, a “like” isn’t enough to guarantee your content will appear on a user’s page. Facebook has all but completely transformed into a paid marketing platform. As time goes on, this will become even more evident.

What you should do:

Take the wins you can get with organic reach, but start finding ways to budget for boosting posts and performing targeted ad campaigns on Facebook. If you don’t want to pay for reach, then you should consider using a different platform.

Marketers must either leverage (which means pay $) or move away from the Facebook platform.

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