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Top 6 Marketing Techniques for Your Home-Based Business

Top 6 Marketing Techniques for Your Home-Based Business

You already know that starting your business can increase your freedom, maximize your personal growth and provide you with a set of other benefits. The only question is: How are you going to find clients?

Here are a few techniques that can help you get your first client.

  1.  Get a website

Even if you aren’t selling anything directly online, having an online presence is something that boosts your marketing efficiency and can be set up easily. A website can allow potential customers to find you through Google. Think of it as a digital business card. You can have contact information, details about what your services offer, and even some testimonials from happy customers. You don’t even have to be a web designer or developer. You can set up a website through content management software.

  1. Fine-tune your social media

It can be easy for a new business to be spread thin by trying to manage too many social media approaches at once. Understanding the primary sort of user and the ideal purpose of a social media tool can help make marketing efforts more effective. If you’re a photographer, it will be easier to showcase your work through a platform like Instagram. Figure out your target audience’s age, gender, and life circumstance, and meet them there.

  1. Start off with a smaller side gig

Starting a business can feel a little daunting and overwhelming. However, a good alternative is to start a side gig that you can build while still working a day job. For instance, being a pet sitter has many advantages. You can set your own schedule and prices. You can also set the size, age and other pet preferences that work for you. There’s a lot of demand for pet-related services, so try to take advantage and listen to what your target audience needs.

  1. Ask friends, family, and acquaintances

According to an article in Entrepreneur, getting referrals is largely a matter of reciprocity, especially from people that you have close relationships with. Help your friends, family or acquaintances to generate business and send referrals their way. It can help you build your own business.

You’ll have to tell them about your business, of course, and have them start listening to keywords that refer to your business. For example, if you’re a pet sitter, you could have your friends and family identify who has pets in their neighborhood and if they ever mention not having very much time. This can help them recognize what you’re looking for and give you referrals you need.

  1. Focus on the local market

Working locally can help you build credibility. Using resources like Yelp can help you focus your marketing efforts and improve your customer success rate. Yelp typically is the most immediate result in Google searches, so try to establish a Yelp business page. You can use local SEO to target people within your region, rather than just focusing on SEO for your services alone. This helps narrow the search as people seek out your services.

  1. Maximize referrals

A recent article from the business magazine Inc. mentions that the best way to get referrals is to put extra effort into a service that goes beyond customer experience. It’s like the saying: under-promise, but over-deliver. Try to give your clients the best service they can get so they are more incentivized to refer people to your service. This ensures a return to you and helps you get more referrals without always needing to ask for them.

Starting a home-based business requires a lot of different types of effort. However, if you start small and try to remain local, this can help your business get off the ground. As you help people out more, they will feel the pull to help you.

Article courtesy of Amy Collett  (amy.collett@bizwell.org)

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